Francesco Venturi composer, vocalist, researcher



Asini di guerra

(“Donkeys from the War”), 2016 Commissioned by artist Fabio Roncato

Performed by Francesco Venturi and Fabio Giannotti on drums made by Stefano Principini. Produced with the fellowship of GAI Giovani Artist Italiani 2016

Featured on Manifesta11, at Cabaret der Künstler – Zunfthaus Voltaire, on September 2016.


Premiered at Topic (Geneva, Switzerland) on April 2016


“Asini di Guerra” originates as a performative action for two percussionists, and it is generated both by a compositional work on the military musical aesthetic – the first example of musical globalization in the history – and an organological and artisanal research on the percussions. By staging a “programme music” with two historically-informed drums, we seek the unmistakable warlike effect in order to make its strategies, history and musical syntax emerge and suspend it from every military reference – focusing on its evocative and narrative power and immersing it in a broader cross-modal dominion. The “war drums” will evoke a reflection on the invention of the landscape, its ever-changing identity-making social base and its borders, dug by opposing drum against drum, for the sake of an ancestral ritual.

Photos by Topic (Geneve) and Bianca Vignato (Milan). Paper by Francesco Venturi.


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