Francesco Venturi composer, vocalist, researcher




Electroacoustic composition (7’30”) Premiered on the Motu Acusmonium at 14th Journées Nationales Musique Electroacoustique à Chalon sur Saône.

From the concert booklet: “Music is a question of form. Also, music is a question of magic. To write is to organize the magic. Bézoard consists of a formalization of the magic. It borrows the name from the “bezoar”, a stone that is naturally formed in the stomach of man and ruminants as the result of accumulation of different ingredients: ingested and undigested. Similar to the pearl, the more it stays in the body the bigger it becomes. Legendary beliefs about its healing and magical powers originate from Arabia and reaches Europe in 13th century. People believed that the bezoar was the antidote against any poison, cured the worst diseases and repressed melancholy. Therefore, this antidote, this remedy was very desired. The piece is inspired by the formation of this magical stone. Every element is created from an audio clip of sounds of dry leaves, lasting six seconds. The result is at the same time very abstract and very concrete, which after all goes for all the music.”

(picture: Bezoars, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Kunstkammer Wien)


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