Francesco Venturi composer, vocalist, researcher



Inside Our Bodies

By Francesco Venturi and Dong Zhou

Released by Music Analysis Discussions Records

For Moving Kinship: Queer Britain by Beatrice Allegranti

A short film Moving Kinship at Queer Britain can be viewed here.

Moving Kinship is a transdisciplinary project that takes place in UK and international participatory ecologies hubs located in arts centres, museums, hospitals and grass roots organisations. Created by Beatrice Allegranti in 2016, the project involves making bespoke and trauma-informed live and digital performances with and for audiences as a way of engaging ethically with the many complex and intersecting challenges we are confronted with in our troubled world. Working across forms (choreographic, film, conversational, illustration, writing, capoeira, music), the aim of the bespoke hubs is to activate modes of collaboration, collectivity and nurture cultures of multiple belongings and care. The hubs often give rise to full scale artistic works. To date, Beatrice and her team have worked intergenerationally with families affected by rare early onset dementia, youth environmental activists, LGBTQI+ communities and activists, as well as artists and scientists in the UK, Norway, the Netherlands and Japan.

Dancers: Rudzani Moleya & Orrow Bell

Filming & Edit: Jason Read; Illustration Capture: Neil Max Emmanuel


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Inside Our Bodies
Inside Our Bodies
Inside Our Bodies