Francesco Venturi composer, vocalist, researcher




"Dah" is a Noh drama: an action of dance and music immersed in a symbolic space which, through the hand of a radio operator, a giant delta loop antenna, the voice of a performer and the utterances of a choir, aims to give materiality to the immaterial.

This action borrows from the Japanese tradition its formal severity. The symbolic space (Uji, the scene of the Noh) is quoted in a essential yet exact stylization. Over the accompaniment of the “orchestra”, an operator is searching on a radio receiver remote AM signals reaching the scene from the other part of the world, and silently sends these feeble signals to the headphones of the performer, who gives them a voice and a movement. The action of the performer is caught by the choir, which take up any musical materials they can recognize and reenact them. The “actors” have micro-cameras: the point-of-view shots are directly projected on the left part of the stage, marking the place of the traditional “bridge”.

Dah grounds itself on an aesthetic of the analogy. It follows the possibility of total synergy between the classical (the formal), the immaterial (the electromagnetism) and the human (the performer's body and voice).

Performers: Mae-Shite: Julian Eggerickx Waki: Nataša Vasiljević Kyogen: Antenna Nochi-jite: Ether Orchestra: Francesco Venturi Choir: Damon Arabsolgar, Marina Ladduca, Daniela Marti, Marco Minicucci, Elvis Zini


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