Francesco Venturi composer, vocalist, researcher



A Time to Mend

A Time to Mend is a research on the living body that plays and suffers, in the tension between the universalising geometrisation and digitalization and the individual residue that is always specific, analogical, refractory. 46 different times, as many possibilities to improvise immediately a way to go through the empty time of a convalescence, are brought together in a single space of vision. A space-time that maybe one day was sacred and that now has become scientific, biological.

Concept, composition, photography, editing: Raffaele Rezzonico

Choreography: Flora Vannini

Music: Francesco Venturi

With: Flora Vannini (body), Francesco Venturi (voice)

Concept and dramaturgy consultant: Mariagiulia Leuzzi

Produced by: Mirmica

In collaboration with: Spettro

Thanks to: Teatro delle Moire


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A Time to Mend