Francesco Venturi composer, vocalist, researcher




Italian duo Interlingua is born from the collision of an improv attitude with a strong sense of form. Their music combines Francesco Venturi's extended voice and percussion with Francesco Fonassi’s non-conventional electronics. Starting from early avant-world influences they took a path of self-fascination based on the mimesis of gesture, soundscape and liturgical seductions. They released two albums and toured in venues and festivals Europe-wide. In 2018 the founded with others the concert venue Spettro, in Brescia, Italy.


Cri Pur (Villa Recordings, 2020) – Digital edition

Glossoprayers, in Troglobatem Festival 2019 Mixtape (Troglosound, 2019) – Cassette, edition of 65

Enthen (Setola di Maiale, 2019) – CDR, edition of 150

Interlingua (Villa Recordings, 2018) – Cassette, edition of 50, Limited Edition of 10, reissue of 50

Selected live performances

19 Jul 2019, Braille Satellite, Vilnius, Lituania

11 May 2019, Troglobatem Festival, Stoccarda, Germania

06 Apr 2019, Bagni Misteriosi, Milan

29 Mar 2019, Spettro, Brescia

15 Mar 2019, Living Room, Turin

07 Mar 2019, Macao, Milan

14 apr 2019, CISIM, Ravenna

20 dec 2018, Standards, Milan

19 Dec 2018, Gallleria Più, Bologna

26 Apr 2018, Spazio Contemporanea, Brescia


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